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Posted by bcomfriend on June 18, 2016
Janitorial Software - Three Key Features to Look For A lot of software companies will try to convince you that if you use their software, you will have more clients and profits. Fact is, your clients' main concern is only how much maintaining their facility cost them and if you gave them good work in exchange for their money. If they can get a less expensive price with another company and the quality is retained, they will jump ship. In short, you need software that helps you get the job done and keep your costs in order so you can be competitive. The following are the three most crucial features of any effective janitorial software: 1. Quality Control Inspections 3 Options Tips from Someone With Experience Most janitorial software cover inspections, but the ways in which they work can be unique. When conducting inspections, the software's cost is not all that matters, but also the time it takes to perform the inspections, as well as and create and forward the right reports to the right people. To be sure you're not spending too much time in labor, your software must not require more than 4 touches or 3 screens, beginning from login to inspection. Otherwise, you'll end up paying more for the labor and getting less done. On Options: My Thoughts Explained 2, Route and Time Tracking If you're a janitorial business owner, being unsure about your workers coming to work or if they did their job right are two things that keep you up at night. If they didn't, you know you could lose precious contracts. Keep in mind that those contracts took a significant amount of time and money to secure, so it's important to put a system in place so you can keep them as long as you can. A relatively new and very useful feature is route tracking. It involves staff monitoring at real time, not just from site to site, but also from room to room within a single site. This feature gives the supervisor the ability to know where his people are at any particular moment, how long they have been in a certain room, and how long they stayed in each room they cleaned previously. Therefore, it will be clear if you're the cleaning staff were too fast or took too long, or if they are right on schedule. 3. Client Feedback System Of course, it is always wise to monitor your staff and ensure that they're doing their jobs right; however, if you don't monitor your client, you can still lose their business. Your clients should have an easy way to send you with feedback, which is essentially a way to inform you if something needs to be improved about the service. After all, you can do only do so much; unless your clients are actually satisfied, they can still go somewhere else.

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